Meaning of double chance in betting

A « double chance » bet in soccer betting means that you are betting on either team to win or draw. So if you make a double chance bet on team A to win and there is a draw, you would still win your bet.

This type of bet can be helpful when you are not sure which team is going to win, but you are relatively certain that the team will not lose. Double chance bets are also often seen as safer bets than betting on a single team to win because you are less likely to lose your money if the game ends in a draw.

However, it is essential to remember that the odds for double chance bets are lower than for bets on individual teams, so you will usually get back less money if you win.

If you are new to betting on soccer, a double chance bet can be an excellent place to start. It allows you to bet on two outcomes instead of just one, giving you a better chance of winning.